Solid wood and finely wrought steel in a gracefully tensioned relationship

This lightweight backrest chair is characterised by two moments of movement: the open, L-shaped back-seat correlation as well as the dynamic 4-point binding between the seat and the stand, at the foot of which a spring is found in a steel sleeve. The spring momentum is transferred onto seat and back of the chair by a drawbar, raised by the length of the lever.

This principle turns the federStuhl – untypical for the core material of wood – into a cantilever chair.

And a backrest which comes up to meet one's back, creates comfortable support to the lumber vertebrae:

Sitting upright effortlessly...breathing!


wood (species: beech, cherrywood, ash tree)

steel (V2A)

barkcloth (BARKTEX®no buffalo on woolen felt)
alt. leather

and a quantum of physics


Man – sometimes tall, sometimes small – ergo ! – the federStuhl with two seat heights – 46.5 and 50 cm – what could be more obvious ?