The shape of the table top

is formed from two arc sections reflecting along an axis. Through the arrangement of the legs, the seating positions are all oblique; there is no „head of the table”. This lends a certain friendliness to the composition.

There is a steel insert

in the centre of the table that functions as an integrated, candle-powered, warming device („rechaud”) for maintaining food and drinks warm.

The leg section,

which is inlaid into the table edge, reflects the overall geometry of the tabletop and maintains the rhythm of the composition.

The light impression of the table

is achieved by the use of arched bracing between the leg and the top eliminating the necessity of stretchers between the legs.


Black cherry (table top: board with 2,5 mm veneer)

Black walnut (legs and borders)

Steel VA (rechaud with punched board)

Further compositions on request


170 x 110 cm
225 x 120 cm
300 x 150 cm

height 75-80 cm


natural oil finish