Klaus Kettenburg

Peter Bernahrndt

HolzWerk produces originally designed innovative contemporary furniture of lasting value.

Their rather unusual designs while being understandable to the casual observer, as furniture forms, are remarkable light in composition and line. A lectern constructed with an ingenious system of counterweights allowing for height adjustment; a delightfully crafted table that is at once strong as well as light; cantilevered chairs combining solid wood and fine wrought steel in a gracefully tensioned relation.

HolzWerk’s furniture is neither overtly trendy nor stiffly traditional but rather explores new ground using a design vocabulary that echoes several themes:

  • The constituent parts are of minimal cross section expertly joined to yield very strong yet light structures.
  • The design esthetic is delightfully playful yet exhibits masterful craftsmanship.
  • HolzWerk furniture communicates substance and enduring value.

Klaus Kettenburg and Peter Bernahrndt have been associated with the company for 25 years. Their work is flavoured by their rigorous technical training, their enjoyment of the exploratory process and a respect for traditions and materials.

HolzWerk, members of the German Crafts Council (Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk), have attracted wide attention since their debut at the imm Cologne 2006. Their work lately has been on display at the imm cologne 2011 and featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, November 2010.